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Had a very nice Christmas; spent Friday putting the finishing touches on things, John made the risengrod (see, John, I didn't put the 'l' in this time! lol), I made the ham, and after dinner we went and saw Tron (which was good, but could have been better).

Saturday we did the present thing; I got 2 cool books and a cute snowman necklace from my sister, an adorable apron from Mom, John got a nice shirt, and we got gift cards from them too. Aunt Carol and Uncle Ralph sent us a lovely (huge!) gift basket full of things for a yummy breakfast. I got a couple of sweaters, a cute Dunkin donuts t-shirt and coffee canister, a salt lamp, another tree face, some holiday burner covers for the stove, a beautiful print with Herne and woodland creatures, a fairy statue, a silver-dipped 4-leaf clover necklace, an irish bun warmer, a cute froggy and blanket, and a sweet froggy statue/rain gage for thegarden (a frog couple snuggling on a swing under a lover's lane sign). I managed to surprise John with a few things, including the latest Neil Diamond CD, which he didn't even know had come out :)

Latr on we went over to the neighbors for lunch and prezzies; along with some new ornaments and a cute picture frame that has 'friends' across the top and a nifty salt sampler, we had an amusing moment when we discovered we'd gotten each other gift cards to our favorite restaurants :) We stayed way later than we'd planned, but a good time was had all 'round, I think.

Today, John went out at some god-awful hour of the morning (he's usually up way earlier than I am anyway) to get some more lights for next year while they were on sale; he not only got the lights, he found some cute plates I can use for next year's cookie gifting, and a couple more holiday sweatshirts for me :) Later we'll be going to another friend's house for a latelunch/early dinner.

Hope everyone else had as good a holiday as we did, and have a Happy New Year!


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Dec. 27th, 2010 01:18 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had a great time, were surprised with some wonderful prezzies and surrounded by love. EXCELLENT!
Dec. 27th, 2010 01:18 am (UTC)
Now that sounds like a good couple days all around - including the Boxing Day Sales!
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