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*pout* The company I've been getting my coffee from for the last couple years has closed it's doors. Any recommendations? Please note I like Dunkin Donuts, hate Starbucks and Caribou :)

Jan. 9th, 2011

Had an odd morning; was woken up at 5 by what I thought was fireworks... that turned out to be the neighbor's house burning down. Everyone human got out ok; still waiting on word of the cat.

a little help?

Don't know if any of you are good enough with photoshop (or some other program of it's ilk) to help with this, but I figured it can't hurt to ask :) I'd like to use this for the cover of our bird club's January issue, but it needs a little something...
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edited to add: the bird, of course, should still be the main focus of the pic, since it is a bird club :)
Had a very nice Christmas; spent Friday putting the finishing touches on things, John made the risengrod (see, John, I didn't put the 'l' in this time! lol), I made the ham, and after dinner we went and saw Tron (which was good, but could have been better).

Saturday we did the present thing; I got 2 cool books and a cute snowman necklace from my sister, an adorable apron from Mom, John got a nice shirt, and we got gift cards from them too. Aunt Carol and Uncle Ralph sent us a lovely (huge!) gift basket full of things for a yummy breakfast. I got a couple of sweaters, a cute Dunkin donuts t-shirt and coffee canister, a salt lamp, another tree face, some holiday burner covers for the stove, a beautiful print with Herne and woodland creatures, a fairy statue, a silver-dipped 4-leaf clover necklace, an irish bun warmer, a cute froggy and blanket, and a sweet froggy statue/rain gage for thegarden (a frog couple snuggling on a swing under a lover's lane sign). I managed to surprise John with a few things, including the latest Neil Diamond CD, which he didn't even know had come out :)

Latr on we went over to the neighbors for lunch and prezzies; along with some new ornaments and a cute picture frame that has 'friends' across the top and a nifty salt sampler, we had an amusing moment when we discovered we'd gotten each other gift cards to our favorite restaurants :) We stayed way later than we'd planned, but a good time was had all 'round, I think.

Today, John went out at some god-awful hour of the morning (he's usually up way earlier than I am anyway) to get some more lights for next year while they were on sale; he not only got the lights, he found some cute plates I can use for next year's cookie gifting, and a couple more holiday sweatshirts for me :) Later we'll be going to another friend's house for a latelunch/early dinner.

Hope everyone else had as good a holiday as we did, and have a Happy New Year!

stupid hackers

My apologies to anyone who received spam from my gmail address; I got hacked. It looks like Google caught it before it got all the way thru my address book, and I've changed the password, so that should take care of it.

Dec. 8th, 2010

today is a crappy day... my cat, charlie, died last night, hiding in a corner of my office. Our dog, Dougie, did the "timmy's trapped in the well" thing, which scared hell out of me because my first thought was something's wrong with John, but it was just Dougie trying to get to the corner where Charlie was curled. Slept for crap, no surprise; should have called in sick to work, but I didn't.

that's just.... wrong

and now, for your holiday visual enjoyment...
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Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?
That would be Lenny Albin; we've been friends since I was 4. Right now, I think he's either in CA or AZ (he travels for work).

xmas count

Soooo.... Wednesday night saw 63, bringing the count to 108. The counting, she is done, and before Thanksgiving. Stupid people, you're supposed to wait til after Turkey Day :)

xmas count

15 more tonight... that makes 45, right?