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Looking for data

Howdy, folks; I know, I almost never post anything anymore (tho I do still read LJ every day).
Annnnyway, I've agreed to put together a list of pagan-backed or pagan-friendly companies in the Kansas City area for our local Pagan Pride Day. If you know a company/business in the area, or one that's nationwide, that's pagan-owned, pagan-friendly (and I'm not talking 'we'll gladly take money from anyone'; I want companies that WANT our business), etc, drop me a note and I'll contact them and make sure they want to be included.

Going home for a visit

So Melissa and I are finally getting to make another trip back east; we have a small amount of unscheduled time, if anyone wants to try and meet up.

Help me win!

We're down to the last few days of my company's Refer-A-Friend contest (it ends on the 30th), and I'm in the top 10!! If you haven't already, go to the link, enter your info (and mine - Michele Dainiak, I work in the Overland Park, KS store) and enter, please?

Dec. 21st, 2011

Ok, I've seen some complaining about the new comment page... and I can't see why? There's still a drop-down for your user icon (it's that little arrow next to your default pic, in case you haven't spotted it), and it's now easy to put a photo or video in the comment - something I had never managed to do properly in all the years I've been on LJ.
Anyone in the kansas area interested in guns n roses tickets? We screwed up and will be out of town on show night.

Writer's Block: Jumped the shark

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?
I wouldn't know - I stop watching if they aren't good.

Writer's Block: Going the distance

Would you uproot your life and move to another city for someone that you love?

Yep, done it several times.
Sometimes I just have to remember Misha's can't fix everything... but I so want to be able to


Just finished Deadline by Mira Grant (also known as Seanan McGuire); the first book in the trilogy, Feed, was fantastic - even made me cry, which never happens. Deadline is equally fantastic, with a whole big bunch of WTF and Holy Shit. If you haven't bought them yet, GO DO IT!

What are they about? The trilogy is a thriller with politics and zombies (and if you're not big on zombies, it's ok - they're more of a background fact of life in this world than the main focus). The zombie apocalypse has happened, and the world is dealing. The media lied to us, no great surprise, and the bloggers who searched out the truth have become your best news source. The first book introduces us to the Masons and their blog team as they follow a presidential candidate on the campaign trail, and uncover some nasty plots. The second follows the same team as they uncover a conspiracy that makes anything in our world look like a kindergarten fairytale.

I interrupted a very good series when Deadline arrived in my Kindle, and I may just go back and reread both books before I go back to that series because I'm not ready to leave the Masons and their world yet.

If you have read them, please refrain from spoilers in the comments.
I just realized last night - we were supposed to be in Hawai'i this week, before our plans got changed. Guess it was a good thing they changed.